Affordable Advertising Options for 2017

During 2015 most of the hard work was done when we did the initial work and invested the initial time in creating the Peninsula Tradesmen directory. In a tight economic climate one has to adapt to be relevant and to offer value for money for your advertisers. So for 2017 and beyond we will experiment with some new affordable advertising options.

For a directory to be relevant and successful one has to have a minimum number of subscribers which we now have. We would like our annual subscribers to all renew their listings so we are considering to reduce our annual subscription fee to R300 per annum. To have your banner displayed for a year we require a minimum payment of R300. This will also give you a mini website on the Peninsula Tradesmen Directory for 12 months.

We are going to start experimenting with a couple of divisions and get feedback before implementing a final marketing plan or the R300 per year offer.

This week we will start by contacting our LG Gas Suppliers in the South Peninsula.

All business qualify for a free listing subject to them actually being active in the South Peninsula but then it's limited to text e.g. a name and phone number.

For the Top Banner position we will operate on a bidding system where the company that pays for the most years upfront gets the top spot. We will limit this offer to the next 5 years. R1,500 is still cheaper than our Platinum offer on this website.

Besides reducing the annual subscription fees to include everybody or a big enough number to be relevant we will also spend this week improving our website text on specifically the subject of LP Gas and LP Gas installations for the Southern Subburbs. We could do a bit of work on our FAQ section and also do a blog entry or two on the subject.

At the end of the week we will be in contact with all our advertisers and announce via email who got the top spots.

At this stage this is just a suggestion and we will be testing it with our Gas Suppliers. If it goes down well then we will start implementing it in other sections following the same procedures. (Make the offer, do some research, blog, work on Faq's, get counter offers and implement).

We need to ensure that we are in a win , win situation and thatour advertisers get value for their money and that we indeed become and remain the number one Tradesmen directory for the Southern Peninsula.

We value your feedback and will consider any suggestions.



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