Website or Directory?

Whether you are a plumber in Fish Hoek, a builder in Tokai or a Handy Man in Sunvalley you should advertise and be visible online as well as in the traditional print media manner.

Should businesses in the Southern Peninsula or anywhere in the world for that matter rather have their own website or advertise on directories or in brochures, newspapers and magazines?

Buddy Web Design is responsible for the SEO of this website. (Search Engine Optimization) In short SEO = in order to appear on the first page of Google and not the second or third pages. This is acheived via:


Content of this website e.g. this very same blog entry. (Note the importance of titles and introductory paragraphs, including using the correct words.)


Getting a "Google my business" listing using Google Maps, for this website (Peninsula Tradesmen Directory), same as we would assist our Platinum and Gold subscribers.

Right now I would have probably scared off some tradesmen by using these technical terms. This newsletter is not meant for all tradesmen but aimed at the Tradesmen in the Southern Peninsula who really want to understand internet marketing. Especially in a depressed economy where competition for what limited business is available out there is fierce. (It is the same for web designers and this directory is a typical example of how we are engaing in the local community in order to meet more people).

It is interesting to note that without us knowing it, a well known local printing company started venturing into the digital world, another directory for the Southern Peninsula the same time as we launched this directory. We will also be using print media to promote this digital directory and we have teamed up with a local print advertising company for just that purpose. While print is venturing into digital we are venturing into retro!

Back to the question of this blog entry: A Website or a Directory?

It is still better to have your own website but a listing on the directory with your own mini website is better than nothing at all.
Getting your free listing on Google my business is a non negotiable necessity for any small business. Assistance in this regard is included in the Platinum and Gold Packages.

Even if you have your own website it is beneficial to list on this directory for the following reasons:

  • We market the website on Facebook when people are looking for specific type of tradesmen. Your mini website can include pictures of work done as well as references by happy clients. (We enjoy Facebook and being online, while we find most Tradesmen are too busy doing the actual job to be busy on Facebook). We refer our clients to people looking for specific Tradesmen.
  • This website will include a link to your own website which is beneficial for your websites SEO.
  • Clients in the Platinum section also get a blog entry where we would be very specific in targeting select keywords, especially those keywords which make you unique.
Buddy Web Design will also offer free recommendations on subscribers own websites - quick pointers on where one can improve, even without selling you a new website. 

The real question to determine how much should one spend on your total advertising? This "total spend" should most definitely include your time spent while getting your advertising sorted or while working on the content of your website.
The answer is actually possible to be calculated. (Before venturing in the world of web design Francois spent 17 years in the financial service industry and holds a B-Compt Degree and completed his accounting articles. Do not ask how come he is now a Web Designer? If he knew the answer to that question he would share it with you!)
The ABC of calculating how much one should spend on advertising:
A Step 1
Understand the gross profit structure of your business = arrive at figure A
B Step 2
Understand the value of a new client, a happy returning client, a client referring business to you. (Goodwill)
Estimate, based on the years of experience in your specific industry how times such a new client will buy from you = arrive at figure B
C Step 3
A multiplied with B gives you C.
Simple as ABC

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